February 2, 2013

Furbish Finds!

One of the first blogs I started reading was I Suwannee. I love the variety that it offers: bookcase of the day, closet cravings, pictures from the store, and of course who can forget the donkey of the day. It's just a really fun blog and now there is an online store Furbish for everyone to enjoy.

I perused the online store and found a bunch of stuff I loved and wanted to share them with you.

1. Magenta Links Bracelet - I like this bracelet because it's different with the links and the cording.

2.Rock the Casbah Notebook Trio- I'm obsessed with notebooks (I told you about that here) and I love the patterns on these!

3. Lime Green Moroccan Leather Pouf - I don't think poufs are going anywhere soon and this lime green one would be a great pop of color in a room.

4. Amethyst Soap Rock - how cool is this - it's soap!

5. Irish Paper Lacquer Stationary Box - I didn't know I needed a box for my stationary until I saw this one - it is spectacular.

6. Suzani Pillow Pair VI - you can never have too many pillows and how cute is the pattern on these.

7. The Katniss Cuff - I'm a sucker for jewelry, especially bracelets and this one is really cute - I need to add some gold into my repertoire.

8. Pink Leather Tassel Keychain - I've been wanting one of these - this pink one is so cute and nice pop of color to carry around.

9. Shiny Gold Giraffe - I need this! I don't love gold as a star player but I think accents of it are really in right now and this would be a perfect way to incorporate it into your design.

10. Blue Bowls Set of 4 - I want to start collecting blue and white china and these bowls would be the perfect pieces to start my collection.

11. Vintage Kilim III - I love this vintage rug - it's to die for. If I found one of these in a consignment/thrift shop I'd be poppin' tags fo sho!

12. Green Banded Bracelet - here's another bracelet with some gold accents and one of my favorite colors lime green!

I love so many things in the Furbish store - I literally could go on for days. Jewelry, home d├ęcor, accessories, soap....you name it they've got it.

This store is such an inspiration for me because I am constantly thinking of what I want to have in my own store someday. Boy, I can't wait for that day!

Have you checked out the Furbish Shop? What'd you find that you loved?
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