February 5, 2013

How Pinteresting..

Everyone is in love with Pinterest - you can find great recipes, DIY projects, and solutions for things you would've never thought of yourself. Do you ever wonder though, has someone actually tried this and does it actually work?

I know I have - but I've also seen things and had to try them for myself and I decided it would be nice to share with you the things I've seen on Pinterest and tried.

Here is the first round of items on Pinterest I've found and tried and what my experience was with each. (All pictures can be clicked on to be taken to their source)

1. Homemade Cleaner from Making it feel like home

I mentioned I used a homemade cleaner here. I saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I didn't use exact measurements but I did heat up the vinegar and squirt in a decent amount of soap and I added some water because it didn't seem to be squirting good without it.

I sprayed it on our shower curtain which was ready to be replaced because it was too far gone. I sprayed the shower curtain and the bottom of the tub and let it sit for awhile then went back and sprayed some more - repeat a few more times. I'd say I let it sit 30-45 minutes. I took the shower head sprayer and rinsed the shower curtain and the soap scum was literally rinsing right off - it was ah-mazing!

Score: A++

2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt from Ambitious Kitchen

It's kind of like how many chocolate chip cookie recipes do you really need to try, right? Wrong - this cookie is awesome! It's like a high class version of a chewy chips ahoy and that's not even giving them the kind of credit they deserve. They are chewy, very chocolaty and the sprinkle of sea salt on top brings it to a whole other level.

I've made this recipe more than once and each time I've used regular brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar. I also found I needed to cook them a little bit longer than the suggested cooking time and you really do need to leave them on the cookie sheet to cool because they will fall apart if you don't.

Score: A+

3. River Rock Boot Trays from Dollar Store Crafts

When I first saw this I feel in love. It is a really simple project to execute - river rocks placed in cookie sheets -done!

I picked up several bags of the river rocks at the Dollar Tree and they also had the cookie sheets there. I got one of the smaller sizes because I decided I wanted to use it for Maximus' dog dishes. Well, it worked for all of five seconds and him and Kota were hauling the rocks all over the house. I decided to trace out circle for where his bowls would sit and then glue all the rocks around it. Yeah, that worked for all of a couple of weeks - any water that spilled definitely drained but then it just sat there and rusted the pan and his dog bowls.

So while I did change the purpose of this I'm not so sure how it would've worked with boots on it instead of the dog dishes - for one the dogs still would've stole the rocks and the water still would've drained but then just sat there....the rocks being there make it take longer for the water to evaporate.

Score: D

4. How to get free music legally from We & Serendipity

When I first saw this I immediately emailed it to my Sister but then quickly tried it out on any random song to see if it was for real - and it totally was!

Now, before you give away your iTunes gift card let me just say that it doesn't work for every single song. I've run into a few issues where if it's a new song or protected a message pops up that says you can't convert and you should sign a petition.

It's not totally fool proof you have to do a little trial and error to see if the song your looking for can be converted - it's a great alternative to other options out there.

Score: A

There ya have it - the good, the bad & the ugly from what I've tried on Pinterest. Stay tuned for another edition of How Pintersting next month where I show you some other things I've tried and how they've turned out.

Have you tried anything recently that was a total win or a total flop - share it with us!
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