February 11, 2013

Let's here it for hygiene!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you what products I use to keep the house clean - here. I decided to now show you what personal hygiene products I use. I feel like I've said it a million times but, I have sensitive skin so I use certain products to help with that.

Someone once said to me that companies test how their products work together - for instance a company will test how a shampoo and conditioner work together. So, companies test how their products work together but what about how your soap reacts with your shampoo and so on.

That actually makes a lot of sense you shampoo your hair and when you rinse it goes over your whole body basically and then you use soap or shower gel and who knows what's in that that might not mesh well with your shampoo but you put them both on.

For me it made me really think about what I was using directly on my skin. I had chronic hives on/off for a long time and saw many doctors and no one could give me an answer. Every now and then they come back (like this week) but I'm very proactive about what I use.

With that being said I try to choose organic or natural options whenever possible - for some I haven't found a good option yet so I use 'normal' stuff.

Hair Care Products:

1. TRESemme Split Remedy Leave-In condition: I literally just got this but I love it. I have curly hair which tends to be on the dry side and I hate getting hair cuts so this thing is a life saver. My hair is a lot curly and bouncier with this!

2. Everyday Shea Coconut Conditioner: I've been using this conditioner (& shampoo) for several weeks and I'm really happy with it. This conditioner is not what you would expect though - once you put it on it's not like your hair gets all silky and you can run your hands through it - just the opposite. I rinse it and then once I get out of the shower I use a wide tooth comb and brush my hair to get the knots out.

3. Everyday Shea Coconut Shampoo: A lot of natural shampoos don't suds up but this one totally does. You really wouldn't know the difference other than the way it makes your hair feel in the shower. The only way I know how to explain it is - just think of putting butter on your hair and then trying to run your hands through it. 

Note: I used Nature's Gate Jojoba shampoo/conditioner before I used Everyday Shea. My hair was totally manageable in the shower and the conditioner did leave it silky smooth.

4. TRESsemme Curl Locking Spray: I mentioned I use a wide tooth comb when I get out the shower and then I spray the leave in conditioner in and then I'll go upstairs and get dressed and then I just spray this curl locking spray in my hair. Boom done - I have curly hair I don't like to mess with it or it gets all funky.

5. Pantene Curl Enhancer Spray Gel: I switch back and forth between the other spray and this spray all depends on which one I grab really but basically that's it. My hair doesn't do well with a lot of crap in it so I keep it simple. I have a really weird cowlick in the front so I do a side part and then spray it with one of these and done!


1. EOS Lip Balms: Love these lip balms. If you've never seen them you just screw off the top and it's a big ol' circle of chap stick and it's wonderful.

2. Clarisonic Mia: My Mom got me this for Christmas a couple of years ago and it's awesome. Her and my Sister use them too and it just makes your skin feel awesome. I use it a lot in the summer - in the winter my skin is so dry so this is a little too harsh sometimes even with the sensitive skin brush head.

3. Philosophy Purity Made Simple: I use this cleaner with the Clarisonic for awesome results. This face wash has literally changed my life - I used to get breakouts - what felt like a lot - and this has totally changed that.  It doesn't tingle or make your skin burn so you almost feel like its not doing anything, but it totally is!

4. Philosophy Hope in a Jar: I use this after to moisturize and I love it because it's so light and it doesn't have an overwhelming scent which tends to upset my eyes and my skin.

5. Philosophy Hope in a Jar SPF:This moisturizer is more for day because it has a little bit of SPF in it which is awesome! I definitely don't use this enough and need to start using it a lot more!

6. Philosophy When Hope is not Enough: Firming serum that I use at night after I've washed my face and before I moisturize - just to keep things looking how they should. I don't use this every night just here and there.


1. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm: I remember the very original Burt's Bees in the little metal tins - this is awesome because it's tinted so you can add a little color while you give your lips some moisture!

2. Yardley Oatmeal & Almond Soap: I mentioned before that I love this soap. It's natural and it doesn't feel like it leaves a film on your body after you use it. I also love to use fancy soaps that are wrapped in paper - you better believe I put my pinkie up the whole time I'm scrubbing! HA.

3. EOS Hand Lotion: This lotion was a set that came with my lip balm and I happen to really like it. The smell is not overwhelming at all just a hint and it does it's job.

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Lemon Citron Hand Lotion: I wish I could buy the scent of this lotion in everything. I don't know why but I am truly obsessed with it. I would also love to buy this by the vat I love it so much. I like to put this on my hands before bed at night.

5. Mitchum Advanced Control Deodorant: I just got this the other day - I used to use this brand awhile back. I've been using Lady Speed Stick and decided to change it up. I've tried the natural/organic versions and haven't found one I like (Tom's Apricot made my arm pits feel like I rubbed an apricot on them they were so sticky feeling -TMI.)

So there you have it - that's what I use on a daily basis. I've tried many things but this is what works for me. I also try to use baby oil right after I turn off the shower while my skin is still totally wet. This is a great way to moisturize your skin and not have lotions with tons of crap on your skin all day.

What products do you use that are natural that you love? I love to hear about any new products that I haven't used - so let me know!
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