March 28, 2013

Where oh Where...

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks just due to craziness around here. There has been a lot of work and not a lot of play. We have so many projects we want to start, but then we can't because of the weather or it would just simply be easier to wait until it was nicer.

To be totally honest, I just haven't even felt like posting anything. I haven't worked on any projects and that is truly what I love to write about. Once the weather gets nicer we will hopefully be able to start doing some projects.

I also got a new job and start that next week so I just want to get a feel for how and when I should post based on my new schedule. I also kind of hit a road block when it came to the design and I really want to launch that it's just a work in progress....I promise we are not just disappearing.

This is something I love to do but I also have to make time for it and lately I've just wanted to relax on my one day off a week. I will get back to posting but I just needed some time off.

While we are all resting up around here and waiting for Spring to come so we can do some projects - share with us what you've been working on!

March 15, 2013

Frankfurter Friday

The first day of Spring is officially next Wednesday. The only reassuring thing about that is that most of our snow is melted now. We've been getting flurries the past couple of days but it is still March in Central NY and we've been known to have one last storm on Mother's Day - so anything goes.

Last winter was so much different - we were having 60 and 70 degree days January - March  and I remember last year St.Patrick's Day weekend was unseasonably warm and gorgeous out. It's going to be nice and cold around here this weekend though.

Have a Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Max is just going to relax all weekend - no big parties planned for him. HA!


March 14, 2013

Thursday Round Up!

The internet is an amazing thing. You can Google anything to find out and facts or a tutorial on how to make it. I love finding jems on the internet - they aren't as good as the jems I find at thrift stores but all the same they're jems!

Here are some of the latest and greatest things I've found while perusing around.

These Going Natural Recipes from The Homestead Survival are right up my alley. I love a green cleaner so I want to try some of these out for sure - and of course I'll let you know they turn out! Note I cropped the picture - there is a lot more recipes so head over to their site to check out the rest!

One of my besties sent me a Christmas Card with a wax seal on it and I died at how awesome it was. I also died when I saw this tutorial from Craft Phesine on how to make your own wax seal! I need to get on that!

I found this on Pinterest and was brought to imgfave - I searched around to try to find original source but no dice - it kept bringing me to other peoples Pinterest boards so if you know the source let me know! I've been wanting to do something like this with wood so this would be a great introductory project!

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet from Luna Metrics is perfection! You don't need to be a blogger to enjoy this because everyone is on social media! Note I cropped this picture the Ultimate Guide has all the sizing for every social media outlet out there - head over to Luna Metrics to get all the details!

I've seen a lot of different recipes for getting shiny wonderful hair. This recipe from *BellaMumma caught my eye because it doesn't include some special ingredient. I want to give it a try!


There you have it! Another round up of things I found along my internet travels that I love! Have you found any internet jems lately?

March 13, 2013

Wednesday Wants!

My absence last week changed up the order of things - so a bunch of the monthly posts all fell into this week because of it. That's okay because sometimes you need a break and time to step off the never ending hamster wheel.'s Wednesday want time - and I've found some really cute things that I'm dying to get my hands on! ( can click on any of the pictures to be taken to the source)


I can't wait to be able to wear cute sandals - and these Gladiator Sandals from Target are soo cute! Target always has cute shoes and especially sandals. These also come in coral but I'm loving the grey/tan color because you could wear them with anything!The-Freckled-Redhead-Wedensday-Wants
I love Sperry's - there I said it. When I saw these Authentic 2 Eye's on Piperlime I died. They are so so cute - they are the classic brown and them bam a cute pop of color on the bottom. Sign me up - I wish my feet were size 5 because they're sold out in every other size - BOO!
The-Freckled-Redhead-Wedensday-WantsI love a bracelet that you can wear everyday. Not one that is necessarily gold or silver - something that I don't really have to worry about getting wet (our water causes weird reactions to gold and silver) and when I found these cute bracelets from Puravida Bracelets I fell in love. There are a bunch of different kinds I love the plum and burgundy mixed together and the gold feather is really cute.

It's no secret that I love Instagram - follow me here. I want to take my pictures and get them printed - and this little book from Better Living Through Design is so so cute. There are so many options for Instragram printing but I like the idea of this book because I could get one printed for each year.

How cute is this canvas tote from Jill Martin! It really is so cute - disguised as a designer bag - I could easily see myself using this for the gym (HAHAH now you know I'm lying) groceries, name it!


I really can't wait to be able to bust out some cute spring clothes - and some of these items definitely need to be on that list! Mr.B always says "Mama needs a new pair of shoes' - and she sure does!

Find anything fabulous lately? Share it with us!

March 12, 2013

How Pinteresting...

It's time for another round of How Pinteresting....where I give you the details on things I've tried from Pinterest and how they worked or didn't work!

From the My Kitchen Escapades blog Baked Shrimp Scampi - This was amazing! My sister found this recipe while we were home for my Mom's birthday and we made it together and it was so good. We had to cook ours a little bit longer than the suggested cooking time but it was so good over some pasta. The fresh lemon juice and zest really stood out and made this taste better than a classic scampi!

Score: A++

Tasty Kitchen Ricotta Chocolate Chip Cookies - I love ricotta so much I will eat it plain out of the container but in a cookie - I was a little skeptical. I originally saw a recipe for orange zest ricotta cookies or something along those lines and then did a search for plain and this is the recipe I found.  They were light and fluffy and delicious. I used some semi sweet chocolate chips and mini chocolate chips. You couldn't even taste ricotta - it just made them really light and fluffy.

Score: A++

Ask Anna How to clean between oven glass tutorial - Somehow I got a drip in between my oven glass and I saw a few tutorials floating around on how to take the door apart and I really didn't want to do that. Then I found this from Ask Anna and was thrilled. It was a lot easier - my oven door is drip free! The only downside is it streaks easy and you have to work at it a little. It was much easier than taking the whole door apart though so I'm happy!

Score: A

The Friendly Home Oxidizing Wood Tutorial - I showed you how this whole process went down here and here - and it was exactly how she explained in her step by step process. The only thing I didn't do was her final steps with the different waxes - I was only able to find Minwax Paste Wax but we are still happy with our tables today. The paste wax isn't as durable as a poly would be but it ultimately adds to the rustic feel.

Score: A

Simmer Til Done Pumpkin Dog Treats - my little Max is sensitive to a lot of things so when I found this pumpkin dog treat recipe I couldn't wait to try it. His dog food has pumpkin and chicken flavor so I figured he would love these - and he did! They are really simple to make - the time spent is on rolling and cookie cutting but it's worth it. Pumpkin is so good for dogs especially when they have an upset stomach so it's nice to have these on hand.

Score: A+

So there ya have it another round of things I've tried on Pinterest! This was a very successful round because everything I tried I really enjoyed. I love finding new recipes to try especially baked goods! Max wasn't mad about that homemade dog biscuit recipe one bit.

Any Pinterest success or failures lately - share with us!

March 11, 2013

Color of the Month!

I've been meaning to start doing a monthly post featuring a color of the month. No time like the present to start right - it's only March!

This year St.Patrick's Day and Easter are both in the month of March, but typically it is the month of St.Patrick's Day and when I think of that wonderful holiday I think of no other color, but green!

I'm Irish and St.Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays so I might be a little bias - but I looked around for some cute green items for you and your home.

1. {Striped Racer Back Dress} 2. {Beehive Party Tub} 3. {Casablanca Lanterns} 4.{Striped Tab Sleeve Top} 5. {Swirl Napkins} 6. {Lightweight Paisley Scarf} 7.{Diamond Ikat Pillow} 8. {Springkorn Rug} 9. {Formosa Tray Table}

It just so happened when I was searching around a lot of the green items I found were mixed with a nice rich blue - and I love the pair together. A nice pop of green is nice in your wardrobe - and how cute is that tee shirt dress from Target - I wouldn't mind adding that to my wardrobe.

Spring is right around the corner so don't hesitate to start putting your deeper colored accessories away and switching them up for the more vibrant and bright colors that are hitting the shelves! A pillow can add a nice pop of color on your couch and those lanterns would be great indoors or outdoors!

If you had to give the month of March a color what would your color choice be?

March 5, 2013


I had another How Pintersting post planned for today....however, my week has already gotten away from me and so it'll have to be later this week.

I decided to just share some quotes that are fitting for me today....I will hopefully be back the rest of the week with the posts I had planned. Things are just a little crazy around here the last couple of weeks.
Note:Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the source.

March 4, 2013

February Round Up!

I have been meaning to round up each month's worth of projects and posts and haven't gotten around to it. Some people start their resolutions in January....this one is being started in March.

I had a crazy week last week and an awesome weekend - my Sister and I surprised my Mom for her 50th birthday. It was nice to take a little break last week and even nicer to spend some time at home with my family for the weekend.

I'm back on track this week and so without further ado here is the February Round Up in case you missed anything!

I compiled a list of all my favorite things from the Furbish Shop Online - take a look here.

I finally added some chalk art to my chalkboard - and you can see the process here.

I rounded up my favorite things from around the web - you can see them all here.

Pinterest is the place to find anything and everything - I've tried many things with mixed results and decided to share - check out the first round here.

I showed you my favorite cleaners for around the house last month and this month my personal hygiene products that I love - see them all here.

We finally decided tackle our pantry - here is the process of demo, prepping and painting.

The first Wednesday of everything month I gather all the things I'm wanting - anything from clothes to d├ęcor items - see this months list here.

I love to read and so every month I share a list of what I want to read - or in this month's case I went through my other lists and let you know what I thought of the one's I got around to reading - see them all here.

We finished the pantry and gave you all the details on finishing the shelves to installing them - find all those details here.

Who doesn't love a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby? I brought you along to show you what I found - all the pictures and details here.

I compiled a list of my favorite apps that I use daily/weekly - find all the details here.

I love Target and they always have great finds so once a month I share with you what I've seen that I really like - find this month's here!

So there is the monthly round up in case you missed anything. You can also find this months Frankfurter Fridays here, here, here and here.

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