March 11, 2013

Color of the Month!

I've been meaning to start doing a monthly post featuring a color of the month. No time like the present to start right - it's only March!

This year St.Patrick's Day and Easter are both in the month of March, but typically it is the month of St.Patrick's Day and when I think of that wonderful holiday I think of no other color, but green!

I'm Irish and St.Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays so I might be a little bias - but I looked around for some cute green items for you and your home.

1. {Striped Racer Back Dress} 2. {Beehive Party Tub} 3. {Casablanca Lanterns} 4.{Striped Tab Sleeve Top} 5. {Swirl Napkins} 6. {Lightweight Paisley Scarf} 7.{Diamond Ikat Pillow} 8. {Springkorn Rug} 9. {Formosa Tray Table}

It just so happened when I was searching around a lot of the green items I found were mixed with a nice rich blue - and I love the pair together. A nice pop of green is nice in your wardrobe - and how cute is that tee shirt dress from Target - I wouldn't mind adding that to my wardrobe.

Spring is right around the corner so don't hesitate to start putting your deeper colored accessories away and switching them up for the more vibrant and bright colors that are hitting the shelves! A pillow can add a nice pop of color on your couch and those lanterns would be great indoors or outdoors!

If you had to give the month of March a color what would your color choice be?
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