March 13, 2013

Wednesday Wants!

My absence last week changed up the order of things - so a bunch of the monthly posts all fell into this week because of it. That's okay because sometimes you need a break and time to step off the never ending hamster wheel.'s Wednesday want time - and I've found some really cute things that I'm dying to get my hands on! ( can click on any of the pictures to be taken to the source)


I can't wait to be able to wear cute sandals - and these Gladiator Sandals from Target are soo cute! Target always has cute shoes and especially sandals. These also come in coral but I'm loving the grey/tan color because you could wear them with anything!The-Freckled-Redhead-Wedensday-Wants
I love Sperry's - there I said it. When I saw these Authentic 2 Eye's on Piperlime I died. They are so so cute - they are the classic brown and them bam a cute pop of color on the bottom. Sign me up - I wish my feet were size 5 because they're sold out in every other size - BOO!
The-Freckled-Redhead-Wedensday-WantsI love a bracelet that you can wear everyday. Not one that is necessarily gold or silver - something that I don't really have to worry about getting wet (our water causes weird reactions to gold and silver) and when I found these cute bracelets from Puravida Bracelets I fell in love. There are a bunch of different kinds I love the plum and burgundy mixed together and the gold feather is really cute.

It's no secret that I love Instagram - follow me here. I want to take my pictures and get them printed - and this little book from Better Living Through Design is so so cute. There are so many options for Instragram printing but I like the idea of this book because I could get one printed for each year.

How cute is this canvas tote from Jill Martin! It really is so cute - disguised as a designer bag - I could easily see myself using this for the gym (HAHAH now you know I'm lying) groceries, name it!


I really can't wait to be able to bust out some cute spring clothes - and some of these items definitely need to be on that list! Mr.B always says "Mama needs a new pair of shoes' - and she sure does!

Find anything fabulous lately? Share it with us!
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