about me

Ashley Lynn Travers is the name design is my game.

I love everything design. I've been known to obsess over pillows for months. I love all things design related and have my degree in Interior Design. 

My life goal is to have my own store called 'The Freckled Redhead' which will have housewares, decor items, lighting, design services, custom cards/invitations....it is going to be a mecca of awesome things including ME. Oh, I also want to have my own T.V. show so if you're a producer - CALL ME!

I have a loving boyfriend who has put up with a lot from one redhead and still loves me. We have a house together and 2 dogs. Maximus is our mini-dachshund who is basically my life blood. My boyfriend and I work opposite hours and have different days off - so I spend a lot of time with my 2 foot long black wiener and I love every minute of it. Our other dog is a German Shepard named Kota who is a working dog -who we also refer to as Beluga, yes, as in the whale type. He works hard for his money - now if we could just get the spoiled Doxie to get a job we'd be all set! 

Mr. B and I own a Cape Cod style house in the country. We are constantly changing things around the house whether its rearranging a room, painting or completely re-doing it on a whim. We have very different styles but manage to reign both of them in to create what we believe is a homey well decorated house. It is ever changing and most rooms are still evolving but we know that they'll never be exactly how we want them - and that's the fun of it! He is a very handy man so we, as in he, do a lot of the big projects ourselves.

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