life list

Here are the things that I have done, hope to do, and will do someday....
  1. Be in NYC for New Year's Eve
  2. Be part of a luau
  3. Sky dive
  4. Go to Letchworth State Park
  5. Learn how to surf
  6. Macy's Thanksgiving parade
  7. Stand up paddle board
  8. Para sail
  9. Hang glide
  10. Scuba Dive
  11. Collect Milk Glass
  12. Snorkle
  13. Go to Texas
  14. Go to Yankees Game
  15. Travel around Europe
  16. Go to Ireland
  17. Kiss the blarney stone
  18. Take belly dancing lessons
  19. Go to California
  20. Go on wine tour in Napa
  21. Go on wine tour
  22. Travel to Australia
  23. Go to Cabo
  24. Have a full set of pearls
  25. Be in a Triathlon
  26. Run a 5K
  27. Have a picture of every Welcome to the state sign
  28. Buy a pair of Manolo's
  29. Learn to box
  30. Swim in the ocean
  31. Take a hot air balloon ride
  32. Be on T.V.
  33. Have a LEED certified house
  34. Bike across a state
  35. Hike up a mountain
  36. Try trapeze
  37. Get tattoo on my foot
  38. Become famous designer
  39. Make mosaic
  40. Horseback ride
  41. Get my drivers license
  42. Go on a cruise
  43. Swim with the dolphins
  44. Go whale watching
  45. Go to Niagara falls
  46. Go to Bourbon Street
  47. Go to Quincy Market in Boston
  48. Have a reading by psychic or medium
  49. Have my own design store
  50. Buy a house
  51. Ice skate
  52. Take a picture everyday for a year 
  53. Teach a class at a college
  54. Go to Philly and have real philly cheese steak
  55. Snow shoe
  56. Go to Chicago
  57. See the bean in Chicago
  58. Go to Frank Lloyd Wrights Falling Water
  59. Donate hair 
  60. Climb Mount Marcy
  61. Take a yoga class
  62. Go to Colorado
  63. Go to Iowa
  64. Take a zumba class
  65. Get a Vespa scooter
  66. Take a photography class
  67. Join a gym
  68. Cook with a famous chef
  69. Design desk
  70. See Grand Canyon
  71. Drive a race car
  72. Get masters degree
  73. Go to Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  74. Travel to every state
  75. Go to Jersey Shore
  76. Go to Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh
  77. Backpack around Europe
  78. Take picture in Pratts Hollow center of NY
  79. Swim in the ocean
  80. Travel to third world country
  81. Go to Africa
  82. Start collection of blue and white porcelain
  83. Travel to Maine
  84. Go to Vermont
  85. Go snorkeling
  86. Get married
  87. Have kids
  88. Get a massage
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